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WaveTribe: for Cleaner Waves


Outdoor enthusiasts have classically been some of the greatest protectors of the environment, and WaveTribe continues that tradition by uniting surfers with ocean conservation. Founder and rider Derek D ensures that their sustainable surf design uses hemp, recycled plastic, organic cotton, and other innovative materials to make board bags, leashes, and apparel for beach enthusiasts everywhere. Located in Ventura, CA, WaveTribe products are also available online and to businesses at wholesale. I like Derek’s plea for $500K to setup shop here in the US to curb his carbon footprint. Check out the wet gear @ (UPDATE: LINKS REMOVED)

Hemp-related: previously on AltCon –
michael sutherland, founder of people’s hemp (9.26.07)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Haute Market Bags – from Jute

haute reusable market bags

Two Texan mothers want to know, “How Green is your (brown) bag?”

Encouraged to help save the environment for their children’s futures, the entrepreneurs of Haute Market Bags founded a business based on reusable, biodegradable jute shopping bags. Sturdy, cute, roomy, and functional – Haute Market Bags gained enough credibility and buzz to be featured in an NBC interview. Plus, they are available in several eye-catching patterns @

Form follows function — they’re the perfect size and shape for schlepping groceries!

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a mixed bag of green news


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