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ANYCOM wireless, solar, cellphone car speaker

ancomspeaker.jpgI hesitate to add a gadget, especially a car gadget, to the glut of semi-useful stuff clogging up glove compartments and office drawers, but this one just might save you a ticket, or even an accident. If you’ve ever had to avoid a weaving cellphone yacker, you know that hands-free is a real issue. This Bluetooth, wireless speaker system from ANYCOM has noise and echo cancellation technology, a 95dB speaker and 16 bit DSP. Functions include: voice-dial, last number redial, mute, hold and three-way calling (for real phone-aholics).

Three hours of sunlight gives you 30 minutes of talk time. Conventional USB or DC charging provides up to 15 hours talk time.

$99.95 @


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Friday, January 25, 2008

Manning – designer jewels handmade in california

Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday or simply because you feel like it — every once in a while it’s nice to adorn oneself with new jewels. But it’s important to seek out a jeweler who’s in touch with the rhythm of our times. Melissa Jay Manning is a designer whose handcrafted finery is made in the USA and whose business practices are in tune with today’s social and eco concerns. The metals used in all of Melissa Joy Manning’s products are treated and refined in an eco sensitive manner, gold is either from post-production scrap and recycled, or sourced from environmentally friendly refineries and mines that adhere to strict guidelines related to their impact on the environment, local communities and working conditions.

MJM believes in the mystical powers of stone, designing necklaces so that the energy of the stone can come in direct contact with skin, and be absorbed by the wearer. Adorning a long list of celebs, from Aniston to Jewel to Zeta-Jones, MJM has received her share of high-profile exposure.

Organized by both collection and category, and priced from $25 for oval hoops, to $7100 limited editions and one of a kinds. You’ll find the fine array @

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Seamus the Eco Friendly Dog – recycles


Our man Seamus says, “recycling is a critical component of any consumer lifestyle.

Check out the National Recycling Coalition’s Top 10 Reasons to Recycle. And for God’s sake, Seamus, kick that Diet Coke habit!

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a mixed bag of green news


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