RegencyAMH_300.jpgA lot of people are researching space heaters due to the massive ad campaign running nationwide by the marketers of the Heat Surge space heater. We thought we’d provide a couple of alternatives to those wishing to spend less, or those seeking a heater with good reviews and highly rated design.

If you’re dead-set on getting a flueless electric fireplace has a lot of options.  Choices range from the very expensive (it’s all about the mantel), to Heat Surge comparable smaller, or movable units.  Remember, any 1,440 btu electric heater will give off the same amount of heat (they heat a 200 to 600 square ft. room).  Make sure you fully evaluate the range of settings, fan capability and if they have an adjustable thermostat to keep the temperature where you like it.

delonghi2_1.jpgWe find the site ConsumerSearch to be a good aggregator of product reviews. Here are a couple of more inexpensive space heaters that will get the job done if heat, not esthetics, is the primary issue. Their recommendations:

  • DeLonghi SafeHeat Micathermic HHP1500 – if you have a modern decor and are looking for a convection heater, which is highly rated for its: slim profile, silent operation, reliable performance and light weight. Uses the mineral, mica, as its heating element, has two heat settings and can be wall mounted. $ 149.99 @
  • holmessphtr1_1_1.jpgIf you’re looking for a less expensive option, the Holmes HQH319-U Quartz Tower Heater with 1-Touch Electronic Thermostat may be a good choice. This model is a radiant heater best designed for small spaces. Radiant heaters heat objects directly in-front of them in a room. It has two quartz heating elements and like most space heaters, 750 and 1,500-watt settings. $59.99 @

When shopping for a space heater remember that almost all heaters provide a maximum of 1,500-watts and 5,120 btu’s. This is the maximum amount of wattage allowed through a typical household outlet. Remember to put your space heater safely away from drapes and flammable objects and fabrics. And place it under a window or other cold air or draft producing source to warm cold air as it enters the room. Unvented propane or kerosene heaters should never be used in the home.

Remember that space heaters are not an economical replacement for insulation — weather-stripping and thermostats that can give you control over the various zones / rooms of your home. The savings a space heater provides to the homeowner is only when you can augment the heat of the room you are in, while lowering the thermostats in the rest of the house. Electricity is still an expensive and inefficient way to heat a home.

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