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Rwanda Path to Peace Collection

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I have to say, one of the most beautiful gifts I received over the holidays was from one of my closest friends. What makes this gift so extra special is knowing that the gorgeous, hand-woven basket was made by survivors of the Rwandan genocide, and the proceeds go into the hands of the weavers and their families. The average weaver’s household has 8 children.

Each uniquely crafted piece in the series was commissioned by Macy’s, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity: “The Path to Peace Project and the income it generates has impacted the lives of at least 18,000 children, transforming them in amazing ways.” To support the cause, which is “based on trade, not aid” you can review the collection online @ My heart goes out to the survivors and craftspeople of the Land of a Thousand Hills. namaste.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

tees for change – on a positive mission


T4chng3.jpgDrawing inspiration from a prenatal yoga class, Andreea Ayers founded an eco-friendly tee shirt company to help us look good, feel good and do good. Choose from an array of feel good phrases (seek balance, laugh often, choose happiness, practice kindness, and more, or my personal fave, chase dreams) and know that with every tee that’s purchased, a tree will be planted via a partnership with American Forests’ Global Releaf. For ultimate comfort, tees are made with either 100% organic cotton or 70/30% bamboo/organic cotton, and low impact dyes. For spring ’08, come up with a phrase that Andreea likes, and if it gets made, receive a free tee. check it all out @

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Eco-Libris and BookMooch Partner to Bring You Green Reading


Readers can log on to and exchange used books for free, through a unique points system. Eco-Libris, at, on the other hand, is a green org whereby publishers, writers, bookstores, and other organizations can balance out the paper they use in printing books, by planting trees. Because Eco-Libris and BookMooch have come together, BookMooch members can now earn points for book exchanges by planting trees with Eco-Libris. Talk about being eco-friendly!  Start getting balanced @

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a mixed bag of green news


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