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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Eco-Friendly Children’s Clothes KaiKids

eco dress
KaiKids features several brands of cute, comfortable children’s clothes made from toxin-free, natural fabrics (including organic cotton, bamboo, and soy) and with low-impact dies. The products they use are safe for the health of children, as well as the planet. All shipments are sent using reused and recycled boxes, envelopes, and parcels. What’s more, all KaiKids clothes are ethically manufactured. KaiKids also donates 1% of sales to, a Canadian environmental cause.

How adorable is this Tangle Twine frock? Find eco-threads and stuff for mom, too @

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a mixed bag of green news


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EcoButton – put that computer in a deep sleep

ecobutton1.jpgAt the push of this button you can put your computer into a deeper-than-normal sleep mode that draws only as much power as when your computer and monitor are shut down. Push the button again and your computer returns to wherever you left off while displaying the sleep-induced cash and carbon savings as well as your logo. The device even keeps a cumulative total of the cash and carbon saved. A nicely green promotional item or give-away to your clients, friends or company.

Do some good for the planet while promoting yourself. Plugs into any PC’s USB port.

$15.43 ea. for a quantity of 100 from our friends @

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

iPath hemp shoes


‘Kick it’ in some hemp foot gear from iPath. Shown at right is the Rodriguez and bottom the Catkin. Make a statement.

Rodriguez $69.95 (top right)

Catkin $64.95 @ (top left)

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‘Cuz your Man wants Pampering, too this V-Day


Sometimes Valentine’s Day seems unfair. Your guy has the usual selection of cute girly gifts – flowers, chocolate, and orgBth1_1.jpgbath products, but women have to get creative. It’s almost like birthdays or Christmas, in fact – you have to find a “man gift.” Fortunately, the Organic Bath Co. offers a convenient (and manly!) set of: Cleanse-all for hair, face, and body, Smooth Shaving cream, and Moisturizer with a “mountain sage” fragrance. So give yourself a break this year, and toss a cute V-Day gift right back at your guy on the go!

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