pmomkcam.jpgAnother device discovered on my obsessive pursuit of all things solar. The lovely, ultra-light PowerMonkey-eXplorer will keep your cellphone, iPod, Blackberry, PDA, digital camera and other small devices humming happily without sucking juice from the local power grid.

The Solar PowerMonkey-eXplorer is a rechargeable battery storage pack and solar panel combo.

One nice feature is an LCD screen that displays battery power and level of charge.

pwermonk.jpgMaximum reserve power available:
iPods – 40 hours
cellphones – 96 hours
PSPs – 5 hours
PDAs – 48 hours

Each kit contains:

  • PowerMonkey battery pack
  • Solar-slave
  • Universal charger for UK, US, Australia and Europe
  • Connectors for Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung A288, Siemens C25 and Sony Ericsson
  • Mini USB for Motorola Razr V series, BlackBerry and Bluetooth head sets
  • USB for iPod, smart phones, PDA and other devices
  • Connector for Sony PSP and most digital cameras
  • Travel pouch and case

$129.99 @ compusa.com