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recycled coke bottle lariat necklace


Smart Glass Jewelry has created this 3 ring lariat necklace from the recycled glass of old coke bottles with all the nostalgia and memories of the ‘classic’ Coca-Cola product intact. The three rings of recycled bottle glass “cascade” from a sterling chain. The necklace hits from about 16 – 18 inches and can be customized by the wearer. Large disk is approximately 3 inches in diameter and smaller disks are approximately 1 – 2 inches in diameter.

Size and shapes will vary slightly due to bottle sizes and design. Official licensed product with jewelry card including artist bio. Patent pending.

$128 @

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whippy lights are flippped out


Whippy lights are dripping with fun and personality. Shed some light on your favorite flavor and make sure there’s plenty of whipped cream on it. What a delicious cfl turn-on. note: fitted with UK electrics.

find Whippy @

via hippyshopper

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freeloader solar charger

freeloader___Open_1.jpgYet another solar charger for your arsenal of semi-necessary gadgets, toys and communications devices. We should all really get out more.

The Freeloader powers all manner of small devices and can charge itself from its pull-out solar panels or via a computer’s usb port. Nicely compact and ready to travel.

Let me know if you see it at a U.S. retailer.

£ 29.99 @

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cork planters


These rectangular planters are constructed of renewable cork and have a nice rustic look. Put your soil and plants in these and make a handsome statement on that deck or patio.

set of two (4″x6″ and 6″x10″) for $110 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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