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Automower robot solar hybrid lawnmower

I don’t know about you, but I like to mow my own lawn. I even do a good chunk of the hilly landscape with my People Powered hand mower. This new version of the Automower Solar Hybrid may be the future of mechanized lawncare, and it’s both frightening and a little beautiful. Designed by Sweden’s Husqvarna, for use in those lovely European and English gardens.


90% of the Automower is recyclable, it has zero emissions and burns as much electricity as a standard lightbulb. It’ll run you around £2,000. Boundary cables define the mowable area.  Find out more here.
via: where they’ve got more pix and firsthand experience

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

10 reasons why you need to get greener


  • The street lights within a 3 block radius of your home dim when you turn on your home entertainment system.
  • You think the term ‘reusable bag’ means you can wear it with two outfits.
  • Your doctor advises you to cut down on your red meat and milk intake because the associated hormones have increased your collar size to a Barry Bonds-like 27 inches.
  • It takes 19 landscapers with questionable immigration status 12 hours and 8 double-wide ride-mowers to mow your backyard.
  • You need two commercial-sized dumpsters to hold your family of 4’s weekend trash.
  • Your mega-SUV won’t fit in a conventional four-car garage.
  • You just wrote a fat check to your contractor to expand your cat, Mr. Furball’s, playroom on the west wing of your mcmansion.
  • You look to the Olsen twins for eco-tips.
  • You had to take out a home equity line of credit to pay-down your monthly electric bill.
  • Your kids think recycling means they should ride their bikes twice a day.
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