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Belkin Conserve Surge Protector

belkincons1_1.jpgFor all the energy hogs out there in need of a device to manage their energy gulping ways, Belkin has created the Conserve Surge Protector. This power strip will protect you from odious and destructive power surges while providing an easy way to cut power to devices that sip juice even while off — tv’s, monitors, printers, computers and the like. It has 8 outlets, 6 “switchable” and 2 “always on.” The best thing is that it comes with a WIFI remote, so we don’t have to see that derriere sticking out from under your desk when you power-down.

available summer 2008 for $49.99

Won the 2008 CES Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award

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Monday, March 10, 2008

bamboo nesting baskets


From Bambu’s Laquerware Collection comes these tastefully colored bowls. Made from 100% organically grown bamboo.
Choose sets of 3 in assorted sizes and colors for $13.95 @

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YAROK Hair Care – a cut above


My locks were recently treated to some extra tender loving care thanks to Mordechai Alvow. Madison Avenue’s Pashah Salon was abuzz with good vibes during a mid-week visit when I met Mordechai to discuss his botanical-based line of organic, wild-crafted products, YAROK, (Hebrew for “green”).

Under development for almost seven years, the line was definitely a labor of love for the charming and outgoing Mordechai. With the tradition of concocting essential oils in his blood, (his grandmother was quite the crafter), and a desire to create high performance hair products for his high-end clientele, (Marisa Tomei, sisters Venus & Serena, Catherine Zeta-Jones) Mordechai hand-picked just the right organic ingredients while traveling the world, and decided to create YAROK in small batches in order to preserve freshness and optimize functionality.

My tresses have been drinking in the goodness of YAROK’s Green with Envy Shampoo and Conditioner for the past few weeks. The more I use these products, the better my hair looks and feels. The real head turner for me was YAROK’s Sensory Treatment for Hair and Scalp. This potent serum comes in 7 variations. No. 4, “Chill After Sun” with Geranium Oil and Aloe Vera worked wonders — the shine and volume were amazing, and my hair smelled delicious.

For the ultimate psychic lift, gift yourself a styling session with Mordechai. His technique reflects an appreciation for the dance; he “strives to create original hairstyles that complement the posture and movement of the wearer — so that the hair moves in synergy with the body — in the same way it does while dancing.” Superbly talented and generous, the Kabbalah-influenced, tango-loving Mordechai donates a portion of YAROK’s proceeds towards dance education programs for kids throughout the U.S.

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a mixed bag of green news


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