awb4.jpgYo ho ho and a bottle of organic blueberry juice! My name is Victoria Everman and you will be seeing a bit more of me here on Alternative Consumer in the coming months. AC was nice enough to ask me to be a Guest Blogger and I just couldn’t say no. Fashion, crafts, eco-irony, media, beauty … these are just some of the green subjects I’ll be chatting about. Once I find a swank sustainable product or oddity, I’ll be bringing it to you right here on Alternative Consumer.

With all the hype out of the way, let’s get on with the post!

Based in the funk-tastic city of Providence, Rhode Island, awb3.jpgSustainabiliTee
was started just last year with only $1,000. On both new and vintage t-shirts, Emily and Daniel (founders and lovers) screenprint nature-inspired designs, each with its own unique back story.

New shirts range in price from $23 to $32 and vintage tops range from $8 to $23, all of which are available directly from their website.

Additionally, 20% of each purchase is donated to a charity specific to each design.
I bet in the next year, we’ll be seeing these tees on all types of celebrities.

My favorite SustainabiliTee designs are Duck, Duck, Goose; Whale on My Pecs, and Home, Home on The Range – what about you?