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Serving Trays – Cutting Boards from Fallen Trees


Joel in Minnesota makes these kitchen trays out of fallen hardwoods.

No need to stuff these in a cupboard, leave them out to bedazzle your city friends.

“Made from fallen hardwood trees in Minnesota. Sealed so that they are food safe and moisture resistant. Clean with sponge. Available in cherry, ash and maple.”

Approximately 12″ in diameter $36.00 each @

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

a mixed bag of green news

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Should “Organic” Have Stricter Rules?


Business is booming for Horizon Organic Milk, dubbed “the Microsoft of organic milk” by author Michael Pollan. The label under the happy cow’s face assures consumers that cows have plenty of room, sunshine, and grass, adding that “all of our products proudly carry the USDA Organic seal and that says it all.”

But does a label really say it all? Farms with classic organic values raise a variety of produce and animals to self-sustain similar to the way nature does, which provides its own supplies and cleans up after itself. Animals roam free-range. (more…)

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