Trying to nourish our skin without ingesting toxins has become quite daunting. Traditional beauty brands are filled with chemicals and preservatives, it’s no wonder cancer has become so common. We learn more each day about toxic agents that are in our conventional food, skincare, deodorants, toothpaste, water, etc. But here’s a place you’ll find organic, fair trade and/or socially responsible beauty products, and some peace of mind.

Futurenatural.com is a cool new site that offers fresh and natural skincare, hair, fragrance and makeup products. You can pick-up innovative lines such as: PoMega5, Kimberly Sayer of London, suki, deepsteep, Tsi-La Organics, John Masters, Jo Wood, NatureGirl, Stem, mali, Farmaesthetics and many more coveted brands. There’s even a nifty travel section.

fn2.jpgFounder and glamor maven Emma Pezzack, and her beauty editors do all the dirty work — they scrutinize the product ingredients and packaging of each line before it’s featured on their site. There are 100% certified organic, vegan, biodynamic, premium essential oils, and wild-harvested options from which to choose.
A true beauty find @ futurenatural.com.