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Before you go auctioning off the family heirlooms or that cookie jar collection your strange brother Rebo kept in his garage you might want to re-visualize that ‘stuff’ as art.


Lost Found Art does just that, creating displays and sculptural exhibits for homes and offices from antiques, collectibles and found, vintage eccentricities. They have a nice collection of items and assemblages featured on their website; and they sell, rent and consult on installations, displays and individual items. Pictured are a sampling of some of our favorites.



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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

VOTE organic cotton top and panties

VoteTop.jpg VotePanties.jpg

It’s time to get out the vote and these organic cotton undies can only help the effort. It’s all about democracy and feeling the sexy power of change.

grab the “Vote” top for $28.80

the panties go for $20 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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recycled glass beads from Ghana


At, you can purchase handmade, Fair Trade products directly from Africa. Check out these beads, handmade in Ghana out of recycled glass by artisan Oklah Tetteh.

aBds2.jpgTetteh has a family and is looking to help those who are jobless and wish to learn the craft of bead-making. Support him by ordering pre-made or custom-made beads @

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reestore – an eco furniture boutique

aRE1.jpg aRE2.jpgaRE3jpg.jpg

With landfills growing by the minute, it’s great to find designers whose mission it is to repurpose materials that would otherwise be piled high and laid to waste. Wouldn’t it be something if every manufacturer decided to ensure that every item being produced had to have an eco-friendly “after life”? hmmm, if only…

Here’s a UK-based design group that creates useful, and funky furniture from items like washing machine parts, not-quite seat belts and car seats. You can sit on Roger’s beach chair which is made from durable yet sub-standard seatbelt material, place your drink on Silvana’s table which was made with a washing machine part, and feel right at home in your car seat.
more @

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