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Greener Lifestyles – eco furniture for a healthy home


Why go to the trouble of using eco-friendly paint on your walls, when your furniture can be off-gassing toxic chemicals into your home? Here’s a solution — check-out Seattle based, a furniture company that’s committed to ensuring that your lounge set is comfortable, stylish and non-polluting.

These designers go out of their way to ensure that the materials used in their upholstered furniture is “as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. 100% sustainability” is their goal. Choose from a wide array of organic and recycled options to cover their foam cushions made from renewable latex.

Find more, nicely hip furnishings @

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

skeeda – an offspring of 3 sisters


Three sisters from upstate New York gave birth to six children, and skeeda, an eco friendly, reusable tote bag company was born. (Not all at the same time, of course.) Each child’s name contributed to christening the company, “skeeda.”

askd2.jpgTheir very roomy, 100% cotton canvas totes are available in a cute assortment of patterns — polka dot, stripes, paisley and cherry tree,

$15/each or a 3-pack $40/ @

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a mixed bag of green news


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Every Drop Shower Saver – every drop counts


Let me draw you a map — I’m sure you’d agree, given the serious drought conditions they’re experiencing, it makes sense that the Aussies would come up with a clever water-saving device or two…

aus2.jpgHere’s an Every Drop Shower Saver that saves the water temp when you temporarily shut off the water in a shower. Simply flick a paddle-like switch to turn off the water while you lather and shave. Then flick the paddle back on when you’re ready to rinse, and voila the water runs at the same temperature as when you shut it off. Also works well for phone freaks who have to grab a call or text while taking a shower.

details @ or

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