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Zap’s 3 wheeled Alias electric sports car


Zap makes a bunch of electric vehicles but the futuristic 3-wheeled electric sports car, the Alias, possesses some real sizzle. Targeted for a 2009 release, the front wheel drive, two-seater Alias will go 0 to 60 in 7.7 seconds, and will have a top speed of 120mph, a range of 100 miles, 321 water-cooled horsepower and a three wheeled design that keeps it rated as a motorcycle. All this and it’ll go for around a very Tesla-unlike $32,500
if you just have to have one you can drop $5,000 and reserve it @


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Friday, March 21, 2008

the Nomad yurt from EcoShack

For earth-friendly, bohemians looking to get their groove on or eclectic, new age business-types who want to harness all their positive energy and put a new spin on “off-site meetings,” the Nomad yurt may be the perfect venue. (more…)

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Seamus – one eco-dog’s op-ed

It’s time for my weekly post from my corner of the green kennel and I need to get a couple of things off my furry chest.

  • If they use all the corn to produce ethanol what’s it going to do to the price of my organic corn kibble?
  • Who died and elected G.W. president? The guy seems to want to drill for oil under every caribou and he has a real problemo with the Endangered Species Act. The only time he’s “animal friendly” is when Dick Cheney gets crazy at a cocktail party.
  • Can a dog get a break? I need to take a whizz and everybody around here is obsessed with Guitar Hero. How much Hooba Stank or Whitesnake can a guy listen to when his bladder is about to explode?
  • The price of oil is making a trip to the vet a luxury.
  • My owners really struggle with the reusable bag issue when confronted by my steaming coils of sidewalk art.
  • I gotta get off the computer. I think somebody just called the Dog Whisperer…
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a mixed bag of green news


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Light on Demand – just in case


Power outages are always a scary adventure. I was channel surfing (vegging out after a 10-day visit with mom, the original Energizer bunny) and Ellen (love her) was featuring this desk lamp on her show — doling out a lamp to all audience members. It got me thinking how useful this LED product could be if I were to find myself without power and in the dark for an extended period of time.

Alite2.jpgThis Energy Star-approved table lamp uses energy-efficient LED (light emitting diodes) technology, “over five times more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs at one third the energy cost.” These bulbs are “cool to the touch, virtually unbreakable and never need replacing.”

This sleek innovation packs more power than you might think. It serves not only as a typical desk lamp but a light stick can be removed and serve as a portable area light for about 20 hours. After that time, if you’re still in the dark, you can keep the light stick on by replacing the rechargeable packs with conventional alkaline batteries (thank you, Energizer, natch.) Be sure to check out the user manual for all the details. Right now, it’s available at Target ($44.99), but not on their website, as of this writing.
click for more info

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