For those who celebrate Easter in a traditional, religious way, here’s wishing you a beautiful day, filled with peace and fulfillment. You might enjoy this writing on the meaning of Lent.

I’m not advocating spending that hard-earned green unnecessarily —
I was stunned to learn that, according to the National Retail Federation, $14 billion will be spent on Easter in the U.S. this year. But just for kicks, here are some kitschy, cool green finds from my quick hop around the internet.

organic chocolate or vegan Easter bunnies – via hippyshopper

Green Easter Bunny Plush Toy via Etsy’s London-based maker

felted bunny purse – via: this next

new twist for a green Easter bonnet – via hippyshopper

Easter basket as centerpiece – via Williams Sonoma

vegetable dye your Easter eggs – via craftingagreenworld

Easter sampler – organic cookies for the overly indulged pup

an old-school, retro green read – Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

speaking of looking back – this time, last year