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is it summer yet? hemp hat


55% hemp and an unfortunate 45% cotton corduroy – this hat will put you, and the world, in a good mood. Reverses to an all-white corduroy mode.

only 18 bucks @

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Monday, March 24, 2008

bamboo homes – grow your own


Fantasizing about building a bamboo home, but not sure if you’d like living in it? Here’s a place that you can try before you buy. Take a much needed vaca to a Maui resort (swim to the island if you must), and rent a bamboo jungalow to experience what it would be like to live in a bamboo home.

Bamboo Living Technologies offers building code certified pre-fab homes in the USA, built for any climate. So, you can practically grow your own home. The eco benefits of timber bamboo are great — it’s strong, beautiful and highly renewable. Bamboo can grow as much as 4 feet in one day, and a sustainable harvest of timber bamboo takes just 7 years, according to their video.

Discover more @

view the bamboo living video

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water powered calculator

computergear_calc.jpgIt’s tax evasion time and in your panic to fudge those numbers you just might need a calculator. Here’s a nice looking water powered model that uses water or any type of electrolytic liquid for power.

$19.99 @ has a more traditional looking water powered model for $26

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a mixed bag of green news


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I am not a paper cup

aCup.jpgOrder from your favorite coffee or tea joint every day, but hate the eco guilt of throwing the paper cup in the trash? “I am not a paper cup” a reusable porcelain cup with silicon lid may alleviate the self-loathing. Due to the overwhelming demand, it becomes available again in April.

I am not a paper cup… whose name reminds me of Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not a Plastic Bag,” seems to be just as popular as her bag. Better order the eco cup now, as it’s on back-order. A baby step toward reducing your carbon footprint.
dishwasher safe, $20 @

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