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solar-powered safety bike light


LEDtronics has just added to its line of LED lighting products, this fully weatherproof, solar-powered safety light for night-time cyclists, walkers and pedestrians.
LEdtronics1.jpgWeighing only 1.6 ounces, this bright LED safety light features an Ni-MH rechargeable battery with a 5 year lifespan and various adapters for attaching to backpacks, bikes or baby strollers. The light charges in just 3 – 5 hours of sunlight and provides up to 10 hours of blinking safety light protection. The light has both vibration and light sensors, so it goes on after dark and will shut-off after 30 seconds if you stop moving.

Stats show that 39% of all cycling deaths occur between 6pm and midnight and a preponderance are caused by cars.
$16.95 @

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

products that make you say – What?


  • A rear-view mirror with GPS. Want to know where you’re going as you crash into a bridge abutment at 75 mph? Well this DSUS DS-400GB will give you that extra distraction you need to endanger the whole family as you try to decipher whether that’s Route 66 East or West. Oh, it’s currently only available in China.


  • The world’s cheapest green car. The Tara Tiny will run you 99,000 Rupees ($2,450), has only 35 moving parts and runs on rechargeable batteries. Downside – it has a sizzling top-end of 30 mph. Obviously no expense was spared to compose this marketing photo. via:

spampurse.jpg turkeyspam.jpg

  • Need a gift for a deranged loved one living in Alphabet City in New York? Snag them a styling Spam Purse made of Spam singles wrappers for $40 and fill it with dietetic Spam Turkey singles.

jumbo3jpg.jpg jumbo4.jpg

  • Airfares are out of hand. Outdated aircraft are clogging our landfills and grandma’s got to get to that confirmation. Designer Dominic Wilcox has the answer, the Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo Jet. Will it fit on a runway? Does it actually save fuel? Will it fly? I don’t know. I just like model planes.
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a mixed bag of green news


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eco shoes – personal faves for spring

For the fashionista in you, with a footnote. I like to keep it real. By that I mean that as of this writing, these faves are available to you via a viable website or retail shop — just thought I’d let you know, since I’ve experienced so many disappointing “lists” everywhere it seems…have you, too?  anyway, on to the fun stuff.


an organic hemp art deco floral, wedge & platform slingback; bella (above) @


polka dot, cushioned sole, hand painted wooden heel; coyote (above) @


“it” look, yellow, double strap, cork wedge; chick (above) @


natural latex driving sole, vegetable tanned leather, and recycled foam beds; Ibo (above) @

ashoe5.jpg ashoe6.jpg

vegan infant sandals, in robin or brown; Soft Star (above) @


and as recently seen on altCon, vegan, t-strap flat sandal; Kate (above) @ cri de coeur


and vegan designer styles to benefit the Nature Conservancy: Paloma (above) via natalie portman

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