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recycled paper table by matt gagnon

matttble1.jpg Designer Matt Gagnon creates this modern geometric form from oil-finished recycled paper. Supports your cocktail whilst it holds your Joy Division EP’s and magazines.

40″w x 16″h x 12″d

Not for the weak of wallet but art isn’t cheap.

$3,400 @

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Friday, March 28, 2008

seamus sniffs out a bed


SEAMLKSLFT_1_1.JPGIf I had a tail these sleeping mats would get it wagging — stylish, ultra durable, machine washable, earth-friendly mats made by West Paw Design. Eco Naps are made of 85% post consumer recycled plastic. Over 40 plastic soda pop bottles are diverted from landfills for every extra large Eco Nap; 21 bottles for every medium! We dogs sleep an average of around 12 to 14 hours a day making sleeping accomodations a major component the canine lifestyle.

Pity they don’t have one in black and white.

six sizes and four colors and made in USA.
our friends @ have them for $28

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Traveling green in Wisconsin


This year, three in every four Americans have resolved to lead greener lifestyles, a commitment that branches into several (if not all) facets of everyday living. While recycling at home and biking to work are top of mind, not everyone is eco-focused when it comes to travel.

Luckily, more and more tourism operators are making the decision easier on stressed getaway planners. One such instance is Wisconsin Department of Tourism’s eco effort, Travel Green Wisconsin. Launched in 2006 as a web site, the program does more than highlight the Great Lakes state’s environmental contributors, it does a nice job of categorizing, describing and rating businesses such as hotels (54 accommodations are currently listed), adventure tour operators, and restaurants. And as it turns out, there’s much more than cheese here.


To get the scoop on why Wisconsin took the green plunge, we quizzed Will Christianson, outreach coordinator for the state’s department of tourism and the gentleman to head up the sustainable travel program. (more…)

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wildflower linens and home

Wildflower, a new site, offers a quality selection of organic, fair trade and sustainably-made essentials and not so essentials for you and your home.

Choose from a wide range of bedlinens — bamboo, in soft shades of green tea, almond or white or organic cotton and Vintage Wash.


This sustainably harvested Tall Sideboard (above) is perfect for storing the fine linens I’ve inherited from granny and picked up at flea markets. They also carry Mingle jewelry from Austin-based designer Rachel Roberts, and beautifully made mattresses and pillows.

Traipsing through Wildflower is a little like wandering through a high end boutique, without bumping in to people.

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a mixed bag of green news


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