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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


eco threads @ nau


June 24 – GOOD NEWS – Nau’s back online and with a retail shop as well.  From Green LA Girl, nau’s back in biz.

May 2 – NEWS UPDATE: Good Bye for NAU – Unfortunately, nau is going out of business. Link here for the official announcement. For a limited time, these clothes and more will be available at 50% off — all sales final. Go to their website, they have a very nice farewell announcement and a great sale.

(above L) – ladies’ Lithe pant offers comfy protection on windy days — interior provides wicking while exterior protects from the elements. 95% from recycled polyester, sourced from recycled consumer waste. 5% spandex stretch double-weave.

available in mushroom or carbon, (originally $118, now 50% off)

(above R) – men’s slim fitting, straight legged, 100% organic cotton denim. Fine details: label-free waistband makes for a comfy fit, extra belt loop on left side to stow excess belt material, front right pocket has small inside pocket to stow smalls, nickel-free hardware, machine wash cold and line dry only.

comes in 2 shades of denim blue, ( originally $148, now 50% off)

more @

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

eco friendly Mother’s Day


Let’s face it there’s no one else like Mom. She’s one of a kind, and deserves to be Queen for a Day at least once a year. In my case it’s a little more often than that, but that’s another story, (it’s all good).

May 11 is fast-approaching, so plan to spend some quality time with mamma. Go for a leisurely stroll, enjoy a spot of tea and reminisce about crazy fun times, give Mom back that which she gave — a piece of yourself!

If you’d like to kick it up a notch, here’s a short list of little ditties that just might suit her fancy, and reflect your appreciation for mother and nature.

Mom’s Day green gift ideas

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Lightcap 200 turns water bottle into solar lantern


Most outdoor or athletic water bottles end up in the landfill. This solar lighting product from SolLight, extends the life of your trusty water jug by repurposing it as a solar lantern. The Lightcap 200 solar LED cap is the lightest, brightest LED cap available.

Use a colored bottle or add some colorful Kool Aid and you’ve got yourself an outdoorman’s lava lamp.

$19.95 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iqua SUN Solar Bluetooth Headset


iquasun_2_big.jpgI have to admit I have not embraced the move to wireless headsets. I still like the feel of a traditional cell phone in my grasp. I can often mistake individuals strolling down the sidewalk yammering breathlessly on their hands-free headsets for schizophrenics talking to their imaginary friends. But enough about me…

For those who have more fully embraced modern technology there is the relatively plain looking, Iqua 603 SUN headset. A solar-powered Bluetooth headset for those multi-tasking commuters and type-A personalities that love their hands-free blathering with a touch of green.

This baby has its own tiny photovoltaic cell that charges the headset from any light source, both indoors or out.

The Iqua SUN possesses all the features of your standard Bluetooth headset. From a practical standpoint, the solar cell adds about a dime’s worth of weight to the gadget and it needs to have some power left in the tank for the solar cell to charge (you need to plug it in to charge if the battery runs down completely).

$99 @

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