Evolve’s Roadrunner is a low-flow showerhead that saves nearly one gallon of water every minute you’re in the shower. This new innovation is integrated with Evolve’s ShowerStart™ technology so you’re conserving water while your shower’s warming, too. The company estimates that Roadrunner saves about 8 gallons of water for every 5 minute shower.

Losing only 1 minute of hot water per shower can mean an additional $75 in utility bills and 2,700 gallons of water wasted per year – for a family of three.

ShowerStart monitors the shower’s temperature and “triggers a trickle” as soon as the shower is warm enough to jump in. This prevents your hot water from running down the drain before you can hop in the shower. Not only have you eliminated the water and energy waste, but the sound of the trickle tells you that your shower’s ready. Flip the switch or pull the cord to resume flow. Resets after each shower.

Hardcore types can still jump into that cold shower early to save H2O.

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