As many of you know, I’m a big supporter of the BYOB (as in bring your own bag) practice when making that necessary trip to the market. Functional and stylish hemp, jute, bamboo and organic cotton choices abound. All we have to do is remember to bring them with us, and utilize them at the checkout counter.

aaskatekid2.jpgOne of the neatest things to cross my path this week was a line of reusable bags from Envirosax. These roll-ups are designed for pint-sized shoppers. A great way to help nurture our little darlings to respect our natural resources, and to be mindful of not only what we buy, but also how we shop. With stores like Whole Foods and Ikea not providing plastic demons, BYOB may be a necessity everywhere in the future. Besides, they make great birthday gifts (or gift bags) for kids. Surely with these in little hands, many busy bodies will be reminding moms and dads all over to “bring your own.”

Hopefully, the next generation of this design will be in a more renewable fabric. Find a great selection of reusable bags of all sorts @ envirosax.