If you’ve got enough green in your wallet you might want to make room in your closet for ROMP.

For glam mavens who cherish rakish, vintage appeal — ROMP’s style is saucy. There’s something for chic, rock chicks as well as eco stylish glamour girls. Eco guys have shoes and accessories to choose from right now, with more studly wear from ROMP on the horizon.

Both in-store and online, ROMP’s collections feature organic and sustainable leather and suede jackets, bags, shoes, and luggage as well as organic cotton jeans, fashion T’s, suede jumpsuits and home accessories. (more after the jump)

London Designer Nina Morgan-Jones arrived in LA on Earth Day with ROMP, touted to be the ‘World’s First Soil Association Certified and GOTS-Certified Couture Fashion House,’ which debuted with much fanfare at a new boutique at 7928 West Third Street.

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Per cswire “According to Morgan-Jones, ‘The fashion inspiration for ROMP’s Soil Association Certified Organic, naturally dyed collection comes from a louche, bohemian-exotic, Biba styling. With ROMP’s timeless line, we show that sustainable apparel and accessories can be beautiful, sexy, and fun.’

armp5.jpgFive years in the making, Morgan-Jones teamed up with eco fashionisto Greg Sturmer, and formed a collaboration with a government-owned tannery (IUV) in Slovenia. Sturmer is a pioneer not only for eliminating toxic dyes, metals, and other chemicals typically used in the leather tanning process, but also by creating products with complete “traceability.” Using Historic Future’s system that tracks from field to store, the system includes the name of the farm the animals came from, the environmental processing data, and names of supply chain partners involved in the garment construction.

‘What Greg Sturmer has done is an incredibly important green initiative in that, unlike all other Chrome based tanneries in the world, he refused to accept, and then removed Chromium 6 in the leather and waste water. (Chromium 6 is the same heavy metal that Erin Brockovich found leaking into the drinking water in Hinkley, CA in the 80’s),’ said Anthony Zolezzi, author of Chemical-Free Kids (Kensington 2003) and past Chair of The Organic Center.”

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