stidAfolded.jpgI’m not a cyclist by any means but it appears to moi that Great Britain based Strida has completely conquered the concept of the folding bike. The triangular frame is constructed of lightweight aluminum and power is transferred to the rear wheels via a silent, clean Kevlar belt. Handlebars are mounted horizontally so the rider can sit comfortably upright with an excellent view potential road hazards. In about five seconds the triangular frame folds-up into a compact form that can be wheeled into an office closet, loaded into your car or taken on the train. The Strida has no external grease or oil to create a mess or ruin your carefully constructed workday fashion ensemble. (more)

Elegant urban transportation.

5.0 details:

  • weighs 22 lbs (10 kg)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Disc Brakes
  • Black, Skin Wall, Reflective Stripe
  • Internal Rear Hub Freewheel Rolls easily when folded
  • Single speed
  • Luggage rack holds 30lbs
  • Comes in a bunch of colors
  • No oily chain

$800 @