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Monday, June 30, 2008


eGO Electric Street Skoota


Just saw this snazzy set of mini-wheels under ‘coming attraction’ over at  This electric scooter from eGO will be coming to the U.K. in September and can be pre-ordered now.  The Street Skoota has a top end of 30mph and since it’s electric,  can accelerate a lot quicker than it’s gas-powered brethren.  So with a modicum of motor skills you can zip to work on a vehicle that operates noise- and toxic fume-free. Packs a 1,400 watt motor and will scoot around 40 miles on an 8 hour charge.

£995 @

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Monday, June 30, 2008

an altCon eco media minute


  • Clothing line ECO citizen is looking to feature 15 eco citizens in the upcoming fall/winter ad campaign.  Are you doing your part to preserve and protect the planet? Email them at if you think you’ve got the eco chops.  Photo shoot is scheduled for Friday, July 25, 2008 at their boutique so save the date.
  • July/August’s Body + Soul has you covered with tips on how to pack in eco-style for your upcoming camping trip, plan a green road trip, plus the latest sunscreen news.
  • ECO Wholesale Trade Show, Las Vegas, NV August 24-27, 2008.  The Global ECO Trade Show is a wholesale show, focused on earth-friendly fashionabe clothing design, sustainable textiles, eco products and green info.   more info @
  • Host a Housebulbs to Leadership House Party on Thursday, July 17, 2008.  more info from the sierra club @
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5 steps to effective greenwashing


Creating an effective greenwashing pr or ad campaign can be tough business.  Always focus on accentuating the green-ness of your endeavor or product, even if there really isn’t any.  Vague associations with cuddly bears and penguins or majestic landscapes traditionally work well in upping your perceived green quotient.  Here’s a list of a few other time tested concepts for giving your company or organization that green patina you so desperately desire and probably don’t deserve.

  1. Hire a celebrity spokesperson.  Someone attractive that people can aspire to, or emulate, perhaps an actress with great hair from a long running sitcom or maybe a Super Bowl hero.  Stick something like a non-biodegradable container of fancy bottled water in their hand and presto!
  2. Develop a marketing campaign around some cute animation with a happening track by a band with some marginal indie-cred – stir gently.
  3. Invest 90% of your ad dollars in a commercial campaign for a green product line or eco-friendly technology that you’re supposedly investing in, though that investment comprises a microscopic portion of your total Earth-raping budget.  Then increase prices on your core product.  Works really well for global energy companies.
  4. Slap a totally undefined term like “All Natural” on your packaging while keeping the type on the ingredients list really small.  Run a marketing campaign featuring a waterfall or cute blonde walking in a field of wind-blown wheat.  Let sit for awhile then get it on the shelves at WalMart.
  5. Sponsor a ‘green’ event or donate some minuscule amount of cash to a worthy eco-charity, then promote the hell out your philanthropy with an ad buy that dwarfs your donation.  Works for both individuals and corporations.
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a mixed bag of green news


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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tee Shirt GIVEAWAY – compliments of Certaintees

UPDATE:  THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER, KAPUT.  Our lucky winners are Cyndi and Lia.

(original post follows…)

We Give, You Take; yin-yang.  In honor of Independence Day, we’re celebrating by Giving Away not one, but two of our most favorite things in the whole wide world — Certaintees tee shirts.


Made with a 70/30 mix of bamboo/organic cotton, you can wash and wear to your heart’s delight. Get a whole lotta eco style and comfort, and a whole lotta compliments. Trust me, I own 3.  Below are a sample of artist Lee Tracy’s designs:


How to be a contender? Easy. As long as you live in the USA (for easy mailing), just add your name and t shirt size (M, L or X-L), in the comment area, above. On July 3rd, 2 winners will be selected via a random drawing and announced on the 4th.

Win or lose, you can check out Certaintees online sale. AltCon readers can link to Certaintees via an ad in the left side column and receive a special, discounted rate.

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