Finnish guitar maker, Flaxwood, manufactures guitars using an innovative new tone material that is created by breaking the grain structure of natural wood and combining it with acoustically sensitive binding agent. The new material is then injection-molded into shape.

Fine guitars are traditionally made of rare woods, harvested from the Amazon and other dwindling forests, many of which are often facing extinction. flaxwood4.jpgFlaxwood’s process can utilize sustainably harvested wood and help protect endangered species while creating guitar bodies that have an acoustic consistency and uniformly flawless quality. The manufacturing process rids the material of irregularities in composition such as the grain and knots found in traditional tonewoods, the acoustic response of Flaxwood is such that it resonates with equal force in all directions, and gives an even dynamic response through a guitar’s entire range. Flaxwood is also completely unaffected by changes in humidity, making it a more reliable tone material in changing conditions. (more)

flaxwood3.jpgFrom the company: “All Flaxwood guitars’ bodies and necks are injection-molded. The guitar is fully assembled by hand. All of the fretwork, adjusting and fine-tuning are done by hand by experienced luthiers.

A brand new Flaxwood plays and sounds like a vintage guitar. Flaxwood is a natural tone material that is acoustically ‘open’ from the outset; you won’t have to wait for years for the wood to settle and be broken in to get the best tone from your instrument. The sound is open and rich, straight from the workshop. Flaxwood is also practically immune to the effects of aging.”

The guitars are currently sold at a few dealers internationally.

for more info: contact @ flaxwood