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Roberts SolarDAB first solar powered DAB radio


U.K. based Roberts Radio has introduced solarDAB, what they like to call “the world’s first solar powered digital radio.” The compact portable radio has a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit which absorbs direct sunlight in order to power the radio. There is a level indicator on the display screen that shows the strength of the solar level being absorbed, if the level is over half, the unit is being powered directly by the sun. The built in rechargeable battery pack is continuously charged while the radio is in direct sunlight. Once completely charged, the batteries will last up to 27 hours in complete darkness.

solardbpanel4_1_1.jpgsome features:
DAB radio
Solar, battery or AC powered
Rechargeable battery
Solar, battery and signal level icons
Soft touch rubberized controls
Band III and L band coverage
Multi-language support
White back-lit LCD display
Line input for iPod/MP3 playback
Headphone jack
AC adaptor / charger included
Available in white, black, pink, red or green

£79.99 @

click here to enter and win a free SolarDAB

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

fleurville – eco smart bags for the entire family

As new parents to son Kal, the Granvilles were compelled to create more alluring baby diaper and paraphernalia bags for both mom and dad, and then naturally branched out to also create cool bags for beach and kids.  These grabbed my attention for their good looks, functionality and eco friendly quotient. (more)



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blazestone recycled glass tile


Seattle, Washington’s Bedrock Industries (Wilma!) makes beautiful, handmade glass tiles from 100% recycled glass.  They don’t add pigments and color additives to the mix, all the upcycled color and beauty is from the recycled original material. Their commitment to using recycled materials extends to shipping and packaging.  Bedrock sponsors community-based programs, including student bottle drives and tours of their plant, that raise money for local schools and organizations and integrate Bedrock into the local community in a meaningful and productive way.

pricing info @

more cool pix after the jump (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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