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eco boudoir – bamboo bra and undies

Nominated in 2006 for the Observer Ethical Awards, U.K.-based Eco-Boudoir fashions high-end, fair trade made lingerie and bedroom furnishings.


Their luxurious eco undies, loungewear, pillows and throws are produced either in the UK, to support their local community or by a fair trade co-operative in India. (more) (more…)

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

solar-powered turtle airship – what’s up with that?

turtleairship.jpegI just came across this Jules Verne-like, global aviation concept that has a lot of intriguing features.  A turtle shaped craft, powered by solar panels by day and bio-diesel at night.  Able to land on any large body of water or open field, and fly and land straight up and down. What’s not to love?  Today’s press release announces a $200 million investment, construction plans and a tentative test flight in 2009.

Further research reveals a website,, that consists of a single page with a fuzzy black and white logo with the briefest of contact info and a blogspot blog that could very well be written and designed by a 14 year old in a garage in Encino.  Nice way to prepare for your press launch.  I might think twice before investing…

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a mixed bag of green news


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