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Even the Kennedy’s might approve this innovative wind-power solution.  (more) (more…)

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

TurnSmart solar car mirror system

Csolarcarmirror2.jpgYou’re driving along in your fuel-efficient, but retro Yugo, someone is passing you (a common occurrence for Yugo drivers.)  He’s in your blind spot and can’t see your tail lights when you instinctively signal to make a lane change to avoid that Buick Roadmaster that’s broken down in your lane…

Outfit your retro vehicle with these small, wide angle, mirrors with bright LED turn signal lights.  The solar powered lights can alert a passing vehicle to your impending lane change and the wide-angle mirror can make you feel like you have a newer, cooler set of wheels.  No internal wiring or power required.  The mirrors attach to your existing mirrors with double-sided tape and the lights sync-up with your turn signal via a transmitter you can place in your trunk.

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