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ecoSmart fire for a passionate summer


Heat up those cool summer nights with The Igloo @ ecosmart fire.

I’m drawn to the modern vibe and simple elegance of these fireplaces.  They’re environmentally friendly, open and flexible with no hard connection and no flue, and fueled by renewable green energy (Denatured Ethanol) creating a sophisticated ambiance.

View previous post (on 6.12.07) for further details – ecoSmart Fire – a clean and green fireplace

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

sun mar continuous-use garden composter

gardencomposter200.jpgIt’s never too late to start composting.  Using a patented, rotation – bio-drum – this Sun Mar composter moves compost material along an outer drum and then back toward a collection chamber as it’s rotated. By the time it reaches the output port it’s said to be a light, fluffy end product.  Depending on the size of your brood and the amount of kitchen waste they create, you may be able to continuously load this composter with kitchen scraps, making it unlike typical drum composters, which require you to stop adding material at some point.

garden400.gifMade from green polyethylene. Minimal assembly.  Importantly, these composters are fairly pest-proof.

$299 @

you can purchase the larger Sun Mar Garden Composter 400 for $449 @

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