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Nature89 – organic cotton sportswear

Get back to nature in some natural threads. Casual eco-clothing line Nature89 covers all the bases, designing clothing made from certified 100% organic cotton, low-impact dyes and water-based inks.  Their collections for both men and women are large on comfort and affordability.


Perfect for the beach, poolside and romping around the hacienda, the Jocelyn Summer Beach Shorts ($17.89), and Carina Top ($32.89) deliver a lot of kick, and are available in 3 pastel shades. (more) (more…)

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Monday, July 7, 2008

can the Chevy VOLT save GM?


GM and the other Detroit auto makers just reported that new car sales have hit a 15-year low. Could vehicles such as the Chevy VOLT, (pictured above in artist Jason Cullinane’s estimation) save America’s automakers?  Detroit is paying the price for having fought tooth-and-nail to avoid a transition to smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles and will now have to look at thousands of SUV’s sitting forlornly at dealerships for the foreseeable future. It takes a long time to change Detroit’s production cycle and even longer to change its management mindset. (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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