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HI guys, it’s me, Seamus the eco dog.  Staying up late tonight to bring all you pooch lovers the results of our exciting Olive Green Dog GiveAway.



Here’s a bark-out to our 2 Prize Winners. Our First Prize Winner, ERIKA will receive a comfy hemp collar and lead set from OliveGreenDog. You even get to choose your own size and color preference.


And our Second Prize Winner, CHRIS will receive an Olive organic cookie treat cuatro — all 4 scrumpdelicious flavors — Nutty ‘Nanners, Little Berry Bites, Happy Apple Snaps and My Oh My Pizza Pie.

Congratulations, you lucky dogs!

Everyone keep your eyes out for our next Great Green GiveAway which will happen very soon!  Thanks for reading The Alternative Consumer and leaving great comments.

I’m pooped…think I’ll watch my favorite tv show, The Dog Whisperer.  ‘night.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid – Road Test

Prius schmius. Sometimes, you just require a larger vehicle. When the need arises, don’t hesitate to check into the new ’09 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. The small SUV, slightly prettier sister to Ford’s Escape Hybrid, is likely coming soon to a dealership near you, with a redesigned powertrain to boot.


There’s little differentiation between the traditional Mariner and the Mariner Hybrid… in fact, from the exterior, you’ll notice only a gleaming, chrome badge on the rear and near each front tire that reads “Hybrid.” Don’t doubt, however, that your fellow Whole Foods shoppers will notice. Painted in Light Ice Blue metallic, my test vehicle caught many an eye, hybrid or not.

Inside, eco folks can drool over the nickel-metal-hydride battery tucked beneath the cargo area, and drivers who are merely seeking best city mileage can admire the luxe seating, layout and gadgetry. (more) (more…)

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a mixed bag of green news


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genzyme center – building green globally

On 6-25-08 Genzyme hosted a web-based conference call with half a dozen bloggers to share insights on green building globally and environmental issues and concerns. I represented The Alternative Consumer and HOLISTIC HOMES.

genzymeframingham.jpgGenzyme representatives included Rick Mattila, Director of Environmental Affairs; Lisa Hartman, Principal Environmental Engineer; and Bo Piela, Senior Director, Corporate Communications.
Genzyme has a longstanding involvement with sustainable resources and renewable energy, as evidenced by their environmentally friendly facilities in Cambridge, MA and Framingham, MA. The Genzyme Center in Cambridge – LEED Certified Platinum – was completed in 2003. The Science Center in Framingham – seeking LEED Silver Certification – was completed recently in 2008. (more) (more…)

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