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let’s go green – all under one green roof

What I like about online shop, Let’s Go Green is the fact that you can garner a lot of green for your home with one quick visit.  You’ll find quality items for your kitchen, bath, office and garden — all reasonably priced.  Recycled paper goods, trash can liners that degrade and compost in 12-24 months, CFL lightbulbs, low-flow shower-heads and garden hose nozzles, non-toxic and fragrance-free laundry detergent, and many more useful products to help you go green and save green.


I’ve tried a number of their products — the Ecosafe Kitchen trash can liners, toilet paper made from recycled paper, sponges made from walnuts, tank bank & 5-minute Shower Coach for water conservation, and reusable canvas shopping tote.  I’m impressed with not only the quality of their products, but also their commitment to the environment.  If you know you should use eco-friendly water and energy-saving items around your home but can’t seem to find them in your local shops, try their sampler kits  — a great way to start going green.

Special 25% off for all Alternative Consumers — just enter “Friend” code at check-out.  Check it all out @

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

solar robots from tinyminds


For all you insatiable fans of solar toys and general geekery we bring you these solar-powered, light-seeking bugbots from designer and builder, tinyminds.  The Etsy-based designer makes these little guys based on a custom order for $80.  Bert, pictured on the right above, has already found a home so order yours now and consult on colors, etc..  The bugbot will hop steadfastly to the nearest, brightest source of sunlight (lightbulbs make him wiggle). Keep an eye on him if he’s on a windowsill or coffee table; he may just jump in the pursuit of better light.

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earth surf jewelry

Hand made by Jennifer Stone Gonzalez, these natural beauties are sure to make waves, on or off the beach.


simplicity necklace, genuine sea glass on (eco-safely colored) green silk ($25.)

orange and green natural sea glass necklace, ($24.50)

Surfer necklaces and bracelets for guys, too.

5% of profits donated to the Surf Rider Foundation.

more info:

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a mixed bag of green news


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