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Canvas Totes GIVEAWAY – Let’s Go Green


As promised, we’re kicking off our next Great Green Giveaway today at The Alternative Consumer. Compliments of online retailer, Let’s Go Green, enter to win a set of 3, attractive and durable canvas tote bags, (valued at $33, prize includes free shipping).

Just add your name to the Comments area.  We’ll announce the winner of our Random Drawing on Tuesday, July 15.  Prize winner is also notified by email. The reusable totes are made in the USA, and perfect for trips to the grocery market.  Hit comment, and good luck!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Development Threatens Endangered Sea Turtle Nesting Beach

This post is provided by guest blogger, Rachel Neppes.

baby_leatherbackseaturtle2_2.JPGJuly marks the beginning of sea turtle nesting season along the shores of Los Cabos, Mexico, when female endangered sea turtles return to the beach for the first time in a year to lay their eggs and make way for new sea turtle generations.

Unfortunately, rebuilding endangered sea turtle populations in Baja California Sur is becoming more and more of an uphill battle as the turtles’ nesting habitats continue to be cleared away by developers to make room for new hotels and resorts.

In fact, today only one private natural preserve remains in all of Los Cabos for the protection of these endangered species, and that too is now at risk of being developed by a Sinaloa-based company which has been trying to claim 750 acres of the 2,000-acre beachfront property illegally since 2007.

René Pinal, who owns this land, also runs a non-profit organization there called ASUPMATOMA (stands for the Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja), which has been dedicated to protecting the area’s endangered sea turtles and other habitat for nearly two decades.

babyturtlehatchingfromegg_1.jpgThe existing private preserve, which  is open to the public year-round, offers environmental education programs and activities, as well as opportunities to participate in the release of the newborn baby sea turtles to sea that hatch from their eggs on the Los Cabos shores each fall between September and November.

Pinal says he urges the public to get involved in ASUPMATOMA’s sea turtle rescue efforts now more than ever in order to help save this last private sea turtle nesting beach from being developed.  For more information about how you can help, please visit

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an altcon eco media minute


  • Congratulations and Best Wishes to Raz on Eco-Libri’s First Birthday! 65,586 new trees are being planted in developing countries, balancing out 50,005 books in year one.
  • Host a House Party or just join-in on Thursday, July 17.  How many people does it take to change a lightbulb?  Check out The Sierra Club’s Lightbulbs to Leadership special event, and learn how you can create demand for clean energy and green job development.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s Greensburg, about the re-building of a Kansas town destroyed by a tornado has been given the green light by Discovery’s Planet Green for 6 more episodes.
  • Virgin Atlantic Air’s high-flying Richard Branson is putting 100% of his airline’s profits toward “coming up with a fuel that can actually tackle global warming.”  By next year, he hopes to fly a 747 on “clean fuel” alone.  Check out Branson’s interview on the launch of’s new “Voices on Green” series in partnership with Big Think.  A new video will be posted every week.
  • Opening July 20, don’t miss MoMA’s “Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” exhibit.  And MoMA’s Thursday Nights when they’re open til 8:45p thru July and August.  Enjoy music in the sculpture garden, light refreshments and fine art as sun sets on the city.
  • Gratitude and Thanks to Joy of for honoring The Alternative Consumer with a prestigious and coveted Just Plain Fun to Read: Blogs Worth Your Time Award!
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