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bottle cap fish mosaic – recycled stuff as art


Artist John T. Unger always has a fresh take on things. This fish mosaic made from upcycled Labatt Blue and Michelob Ultra bottle caps would make a fine addition to any eco-conscious bachelor pad. Mr. Unger primes the plywood with two layers of Kilz primer so the piece can be hung outdoors (watch-it… caps will fade if you hang it in direct sunlight). The fins and tale are cut from recycled roofing copper.  No word on whether artist, John T. Unger had any help drinking all that beer.

19″x 49″

more info @ and you can buy a fish of your own @ John T.’s Etsy store

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Monday, July 14, 2008

UltraFill 99+ – get better gas mileage with nitrogen in your tires

ultra99File this under “Every Little Bit Helps.”  Just saw a news story on this car tire product that may increase you gas mileage by inflating your tires with nitrogen instead of air.  The manufacturer claims nitrogen filled tires can maintain proper pressure up to 60% longer than air which will lead to a smoother safer ride, better gas mileage and extended life on those tires keeping them out of the landfill.  The UtraFill 99+ pumps are located at dealers and gas stations nationwide.

The manufacturer, GoNitroTire,  also makes TireXtender, an aerosol can-based product available in most auto supply stores for topping off your tires with nitrogen if you notice you’re sporting soggy wheels.

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Pivot – for smart eco style


Favorite 4-letter word:  SALE.  Find one going on now at Chicago’s first eco boutique, Pivot.  Owner Jessa Brinkmeyer stocks eco chic shoes, clutches, and solar-powered bags, with head to toe designer apparel for men and women.  Stay in step with high eco fashion and sustainable style @

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a mixed bag of green news


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