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Compliments of Let’s Go Green, the drawing for a set of 3 canvas tote bags, (valued at $33, prize includes free shipping) has drawn to a close.  And our winner today is Lucky Lorina!  Congratulations, Lorina.  And thank you to everyone for entering.  Our next Great Green Giveaway will begin this weekend, so stay tuned.

Win or lose, Alternative Consumers receive 25% off Let’s Go Green goods, just enter “Friend” at check-out.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

scrapwood furniture from Piet Hein Eek


Here at AltCon we’re always looking for innovative, eco-friendly design and use of materials.  These pieces created from scrapwood by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek are great examples of inspired design from recycled, re-purposed or waste materials.


We won’t even talk about the prices (converting from Euros is not my thing) on these labor intensive pieces, so please just focus on the beauty and functionality that can be created from what we may otherwise throw away…


via: apartment therapy ny

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wifi detecting t-shirt

wifitshirt.jpgFirebox has corralled yet another product for today’s tech obsessed geek culture, a t-shirt that detects wifi signals and graphically depicts its finds on your chest. The shirt’s glowing bars fluctuate rhythmically with the strength of the signal.  As with all these tricked out tees there’s a battery pack attached so plan on wearing some drawers with pockets when you head out to Starbucks to bedazzle the local cognoscenti.

Remember to use rechargeable batteries in all your animated shirts.

$29.95 @

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recycled suit coats become handbags


In this era of often superfluous over-consumption it’s refreshing to see designers and artisans making stylish new products out of upcycled or recycled materials.  Mandy Curl of Mandinka Designs is one such innovator, creating handmade, one-of-a-kind, designer handbags out of salvaged and recycled suit coats.  Each bag is made from an eclectic combination of sleeves, collars, pockets and labels.

see more at the mandinka shop @

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a mixed bag of green news


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