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Food Tees promote healthy eating

We Alternative Consumers love our tees.  They can become as close to us as another layer of skin.  Oftentimes, they’re a form of self-expression. Those who believe we are what we eat, can now wear what we eat as well.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ben the bin – recycle with style

benthebin1.jpgThe British always seem to do things with a little more style, wit and green-ness.  Case in point:  Ben the Bin, a system of stackable, tastefully colored recycling containers made of recycled plastic and a touch of whimsy.  These storage bins are said by the manufacturer to make recycling a bit more ‘glamorous.’  Ben has handles for increased portability; and the stacking capability will save you time, space and mess.

Comes in pink, green or blue.

£6.95 or £19.95 for sets of 3 @

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LED alarm clock from Open Edition


Designer Jonas Damon’s Open Edition LED Alarm Clock puts a different spin on clock-watching.  Stack, shuffle, move about, or simply re-arrange to confuse friends and loved ones.

Has alarm and snooze functions just like your old mundane alarm clock.

$80 @ a+r store

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a mixed bag of green news


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