Inspired by the values and accomplishments of their grandparents Iola and Henry Hessler, brothers Steven and David Hessler founded Iola Design and set-up shop in Exton, Pennsylvania.  The clean lines of their designs form wall mounts, free standing shelving units and custom projects, many of which are made exclusively from bamboo.


Exemplifying the green aesthetic, Miharu (beautiful clear sky) is created with solid laminated bamboo planks, ($1655; with custom stain matching $1805).  All of their bamboo is sourced exclusively from their ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing partner.

From Iola’s site:  “Our suppliers use only mature Chinese Mao bamboo for our planks.  The bamboo poles are selected and harvested from bamboo forests carefully monitored by the Chinese Department of Forestry.  This ensures the bamboo forests are able to self-regenerate and maintain a natural ecosystem for future harvesting.”
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