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Eco Bath Products – Great Green Giveaway – Lani Dig Your Dog

July 24, 9:45am UPDATE

WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED: Jeanne (jeanilyne) has contacted us to claim her prize.  Congratulations, Jeanne, and thanks to everyone for entering.  Our next Great Green Giveaway begins on Monday, so stay tuned!

As promised, we’re kicking off our next Great Green Giveaway today at The Alternative Consumer. Compliments of lani – dig your dog, enter to win a set of 3 green Bath Products for your eco-precious pooch: shampoo, conditioner and body spray, (total prize valued at $60, prize includes free shipping in the Continental US, only).  Lani’s 3 different collections are 100% natural and mostly organic, people-tested and made right here in the USA.


Entering is easy as 1,2,3:
1) Visit lani – dig your dog and check out their incredible eco dog bath product lines
2) In our Comment area just add your name &
3) Tell us exactly which extract infused Product Line (pick one) you and your dog would dig most.

We all know and hate “that doggie smell,” so get clickin’.  We’ll announce the winner of our Random Drawing on Wednesday, July 23. Prize winner is also notified by email. lani – dig your dog will ship your sweet prize to you directly.

Entering is easier than walking the dog, just surf on over to lani’s place, and add your comment on our post.  Here’s wishing you the best of luck!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

five kooky steps to greener grooming


  1. Save water:  Bathe once a week or with multiple partners, the former will enhance your aromatic loner persona while the latter will definitely complicate your social life but may work against zero population growth.
  2. Use only organic haircare products filled with extracts from rare Amazonian plants…oh crap, just shave your head.
  3. Try my new exfoliant made from recycled bear scat. Not only will you develop a healthier, more supple complexion, but you will get plenty of elbow room at company picnics and social events.
  4. Forgo electric and disposable razors by using only DIY and found materials to shave your visage, like broken coke bottle remnants, used chunks of an airplane fuselage or sharpened repurposed kitchen utensils like the handy potato peeler – remember to lubricate with plenty of bear scat before shaving…Other option – multi-task and go all-Grizzly Adams while also creating a rare bird sanctuary in the resultant facial hair.
  5. Deodorize. Affix the succulent fresh leaves of fragrant herbs and plants such as:  lavender, basil, rosemary, thyme and for a select adventurous few, dill, to accentuate your all-natural personal essence.  Now if I can eliminate this duct tape from the process I will have achieved a new green standard in personal hygiene…
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sun whisper solar lawnmower

sunwhisper_1.jpgA little company called Free Power Systems makes this solar-powered lawnmower.  The Sun Whisper mower will save on gas, harmful emissions (lawnmowers are among the worst contributors to air pollution) and noise pollution.  The 24V mower has a 19 inch cutting radius suitable for use on a 1/3 acre yard.  Just add sun.

$695  @

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seamus hits the ‘hot’ tub


I know I may not look like the consummate ladies man, a little short around the collar, a brief attention span, the usual comments…but think about leading men like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Rin Tin Tin, all short guys that if photographed properly ooze screen charisma…that’s me.

seamlksupprofside___1_1_1.JPGAs we all know, a key to any canine playboy’s appeal is proper grooming.  I recently received a bunch of great eco-friendly bath products from our friends at lani – dig your dog and parlayed this gift score, my celebrity status and good looks into a play-date and doggie bath with my foxy neighbor, Abby, the hound dog.  Any eco-conscious player worth his dog-tags from Hugh Hefner to Tommy Lee will tell you there’s no better way to conserve water and make ‘friends’ than to share a bath with a classy lady.  The Woods line of shampoos we explored had a fresh, crisp aroma, as did Abby and I when finally exited the tub.  I was very pleased that the ‘poo’ kept away those pesky bugs that often annoy me when I’m lounging on the deck and Abby especially liked the after-bath spray which kept her smelling nice long after our play date was over.

The Woods shampoo and conditioner go for $18.95 ea. and the Body Spray $14.95 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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