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how to sell stuff to dummies


Find a designer who’s cool cache has peaked.  Sign them to a mega-deal and get some trash with their name on it in your big-box store to sell to the masses before their fame fades completely or they go to jail.  See: Martha, Isaac Mizrahi, Zac Posen, or similar…

Give a bunch of free product away to greedy, ungrateful celebs to get free P.R. photos and exposure for your stuff on TMZ and various fashion rags.  If you can get your creations on the arms or backs of celebutards either on their way to, or from rehab, all the better… (more)


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Monday, July 21, 2008

bracelets handmade in afghanistan

os1.jpgSurprise — something other than drugs comes from war-torn Afghanistan. These colorful, handmade bracelets are made from stones quarried from raw, locally-sourced fluorite. has evolved into, and they now offer: apparel, this and more jewelry, gourmet gifts, nice items for baby and pets, in addition to flowers and gardening gear.  Fluorite bracelets, right,($28.95/ea.) ship in eco-packaging and are crafted by local women under fair labor practices.  available @

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a mixed bag of green news


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organic cotton hat


An unfortunate hair cut has prompted an emergency search for head gear, hats, or a tarp to cover this defoliated dome of mine.  The Satori Sprout hat above is my initial find. This hat comes in a choice of three tasteful colors and is guaranteed to help any geezer’s street cred. Suitable for both sophisticated social events like the next Fallout Boy mall appearance or some serious hangin’ at the Dairy Queen.

all this, in organic cotton for $19.95 @

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