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Prairie Organic Vodka


From The Plains To Your Glass

Organic corn-based vodka distilled and grown by real people on the Minnesota Prairie.  Prairie Organic Vodka was created by a partnership between Ed Phillips & Sons, a fifth generation family-owned distillery and 900 Minnesota farmers who share ownership in the brand.  This award winning elixir is made with #2 USDA certified organic yellow corn, and grown without any artificial fertilizers, weed controllers or pesticides.  The vodka is distilled four to six times, to create the proper character and smoothness. Local distilling avoids emissions laden shipping, and leftover biomass is used to create energy to power the distillery; and yes, Prairie Vodka is also certified Kosher.

I await a sample to conduct our exhaustive AltCon taste testing.

pick-up the 1.75 liter bottle for $42.99 @

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

organic cotton and seagrass hat

fshconbrnhat_1.jpegEver get a haircut that makes you unrecognizable to yourself when you look in the mirror? The search for headgear to cover my denuded skull has lead me to this organic cotton and sustainable Seagrass fedora. This baby is made under a Fair Trade project.

Very Sam Snead.

£32 @

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birdhouse – recycled scrap metal

WBirdhouse4_LRG_1.jpgThis one-of-a-kind, designer birdhouse is truly a work of art.  Handcrafted from salvaged scrap metal and other materials, it screams craftsmanship.  The footed base promotes making it an indoor conversation piece, but you can hang or mount it outdoors for occupancy by your fine feathered friends.  A door on the back makes for easy cleaning of old nesting materials.

Each birdhouse is original, the photo (as shown) represents the actual birdhouse for sale.

$149.00 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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