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Jack Johnson’s doing it All At Once

Ya gotta love a guy who’s a musician, singer-songwriter, surfer and surf film buff, as well as a serious advocate for cleaning up our collective environment.  You can feel the hypnotic, ocean’s waves from Hawaiian-born, Jack Johnson’s laid back vibe.


What sets his band’s Green Tour apart from any other right now is the Village Green that accompanies each show.  This on-site area sets the stage for non-profits to pitch their causes, from voter registration to cleaning up beaches. If you’re looking to get hooked up in green, there are about 180 groups just waiting to hear from you.


As Johnson performs around the world, he’s encouraging audiences to get inspired and get involved  — essentially, get it AllAtOnce.  The band’s commitment to eco values and issues are far-reaching, from tapping into solar power to record their music sessions to utilizing bio-fuel for tour buses and trucks.  Jack Johnson’s creating mellow music while motivating everyone to live green and clean, they’re doing it all at once.  check it all out @

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Friday, July 25, 2008

HempGarden – true herbal delights

Treat your body and soul to bath and body products that are hemp-based and full of sheer goodness. Utilizing one of the most versatile and highly sustainable plants on Earth, hemp, as their core ingredient, HempGarden provides a potent range of Soothing, Stimulating and Sensual pampering products.


Choose from luxuriating hand creams and body lotions to cleansers & conditioners for face and body, shampoos and the all-important face, body and bath oils. Or, if you’d like to feel good from the inside, out, try their Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.


Rooted in the U.K., this progressive, seven year old company subscribes to the “Triple Bottom Line” way of conducting biz — equal parts economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially equitable. As part of their green aesthetic, packaging is kept to a minimum and glass bottles are utilized. unearth more info @

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Eco-Me-Dog – doggie care gone DIY


Seamus here, I love when my owner gets all DIY over m-o-i. This Eco-Me Dog Kit Starter Set provides all the tools to make me a happy, clean, sweet-smelling hound with positive chi.  Make your canine companion your own natural dog flea & bug spray, dog clean wipes, dog dry powder shampoo & dog biscuits. Easy to use, all you need is water, vinegar, baking soda & Eco-Me recipe ingredients.  Chosen as Alternative Medicine’s ’40 Favorite Things.’  What better way to save money and show how much you care…for me.  The spray and shampoo fight bugs, odor and calm itchy skin all in one mix.

seamlksupprofside___1_1_1.JPGKit includes:
1 spray bottle to mix Eco-Me Dog Flea Spray
1 jar & lid to mix Eco-Me Dog Clean Wipes, 25 recyclable cloths included
1 jar & lid to mix Eco-Me Dog Shampoo
1 jar & lid to store Eco-Me Dog Treats with 3 recipes
1 bottle of Eco-Me Dog blend essential oil mix
1 mixer
1 scooper
1 dog bone shaped biscuit cookie cutter

$28 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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