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eco bikini from niksters

ecobikini1.jpgIt’s time to add some eco sizzle to your collection of eco swimwear.  This two-piece Eco-Bikini from Nikster features a Bandeau-style top, and Brazilian-cut bottom with white ruffles.  Created with soy, organic cotton and spandex fabrics.  (is that Terry Hatcher in the photo?)

made in the old US of A
$100.00 @

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eco swimsuits – green is sexy

hemp on the beach

Ashley Paige – eco chic

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sunblazer – solar cellphone charging holster


Everyone is continuously challenged with the burden of charging their ubiquitous cellphone. Genesis Electronics has patented a solar holster that will keep your phone charged while you go about your daily business. The Sunblazer will keep your faithful cellphone at optimum charge just by adding a little sunlight. You’ll now have a more compelling excuse for joining the growing legion of pocket-liner, cellphone-on-the-belt wearing geekazoids.

Parent company and Taiwanese electronics maker MediaTek are negotiating to mass produce the green gadget.

Remember that cellphone charger of yours slurps-up energy when plugged-into the wall even if your phone isn’t charging, so unplug that charger when not in use.

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a mixed bag of green news


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GreenHeart Global hot off the rack

A big part of going green is becoming more conscious of everyday things and their lifecycle.  Take for example, plastic hangers.  At first glance, typical clothes hangers might seem rather harmless. But in fact, they are a blight on our environment.


It’s estimated that 8 billion plastic hangers are thrown into landfills each year, leaching some of the most toxic chemicals such as benzene and bisphenol-A into our ground water for upwards of 1000 years.  Oakland-based GreenHeart Global is a sustainable industrial design and manufacturing company whose first product line is Ditto Hangers, which are made from recycled or easily recycled materials and intended for various retail markets. For the past several months they’ve been making available to consumers, packs of 100 of  their eco-friendly hangers  (100 @ $74).


And beginning next month, handy 10-packs of Ditto hangers (price, TBD) will be offered to consumers as well. As positive eco change takes many forms, this is very good indeed.

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