zegnasolarjkt.jpgEco fashion innovation, or tech overkill – you be the judge.  Zegna Sport has created their Solar Ski-JKT with a collar-mounted solar panel to harness the suns rays to keep the electronic toys of communication-starved Wall Street-types and small device junkies fully charged on the slopes.  Whether heli-skiing into remote terrain or just posing by the lodge in Aspen, you can now stay in touch with mom and/or ski some bumps while listening to that death metal you so love without plugging into that wall socket at the Travel Lodge to recharge.

zegnasolarcollar.jpgCharges most 5 and 6 volt devices. Oh, the collar can be removed and operated independent of the jacket, or for cleaning. Features pockets for all your electronic doo-dads, and reinforced shoulders etc. if you actually want to do some skiing or boarding.

goes for a frightening $995

Now what ever happened to the concept of skiing as a Zen-like escape into nature…

(Update: links removed)