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all points west music fest in ny harbor

Beginning this Friday, Jersey City’s Liberty State Park will be the harbor-side setting for a 3-day bacchanal of live music, green fans and environmental awareness.  Rain or Shine.  Each day, tickets go on sale at 11a and gates open at 12noon. Kids 5 and under, free. With 5 separate staging areas, there’s a lot to catch…and it’s all @


Big Stage Acts include

Radiohead – Fri & Sat  8:30p
Underworld – Fri 6:30p
Kings of Leon – Sat 6:30p
Jack Johnson – Sun  8:30p
Ben Harper – Sun  6:30p
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Sun  3:30p


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Monday, August 4, 2008

Dell Studio Hybrid – a greener PC


Being a Mac junkie pretty much means you’d have to blackmail me with pictures of some really aberrant naked behavior to get me to buy a PC but…Dell has just intro’d the Studio Hybrid PC, its smallest and most power-efficient desktop ever.  Dell has utilized laptop components to reduce the Hybrid’s size and power consumption.  Choose from 6 interchangeable color sleeves, including eco-licious bamboo, to seamlessly match your domestic environment.  You can get with an optional Blu-ray drive if so inclined.  As with many things ‘green’ the bamboo sleeve costs extra.

from  $499 @

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Windspire – wind power at an affordable price

windspirea.jpgWe originally posted about Mariah Power’s Windspire turbine last year when its sleek, “propeller-free” design first caught our eye.  The company recently announced commercial production, sales and shipping their small wind turbine. The bad news is the fully integrated unit is back-ordered for the next few months as Mariah Power tries to meet consumer enthusiasm for the product.

The Windspire is a vertical axis wind turbine, or VAWT, and as such, turns at a much slower speed than traditional  “propeller-driven” turbines and is extremely quiet.  With its sleek look and variety of colors the Windspire is one of the more aesthetically pleasing turbine windspireb.jpgdesigns. The company recommends installation on a minimum of 1/2 acre of land and an average wind speed of 12 mph to produce 2,000kWH per year. The unit takes just a few hours to install and is rated for winds up to 100 mph.

The fast growing wind power industry has seen many designs come and go so to ensure product reliability and standards the company has subjected the product to independent, third-party testing at Windward Engineering in Spanish Oaks, Utah (initial test results).

The fully intergrated, “plug ‘n produce” unit sells for a modest $4,995 (plus installation) and comes with a 5 year warranty.


company specs page

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hung out to dry – my retro eco routine

Want to give a practical, little green gift to a friend, or maybe yourself?  Think: clothesline. As ridiculous as it sounds, it may change your outlook on life.  How?  Hanging laundry out to dry will bring you more in touch with the weather, the grass, the birds and the bees.


The hub went all out and really splurged on my over the top, b-day present, a retractable clothesline.  So 21st century — old tech becomes new tech.  The Energy Star dryer still tumbles for me when lack of time interferes with my energy-saving plan.  And when the winds of change bring rain, I drape the wet threads on some hangers and place them over my shower bar in the bath; open the window, and voila, indoor air dry to the rescue.  Then I take the unmentionables, drape these little ditties on a collapsible, portable dryer and treat them to breezes that come sailing in through the windows in my living room.

Strange as it may sound, I get a cool karmic kick whenever I use the clean, renewable, sustainable power of both the wind and sun to dry my threads. Lower your carbon footprint, save some dough, and give it a go.  It’s a simple way to be clean and green.


Don’t have a backyard, but want to dry your clothes naturally?  There are many options available for both indoors and out, from hanging a rope either across a room or from tree to tree, to T-poles, umbrellas, retractables (above, $22) and collapsibles… @


Hills Clotheslines are sleek, sturdy and hot in Hollywood; more @  Above, R: the Extendaline Quatro 4 ($82), the Extendaline Sietro 6 ($99);  available @ Letting it all hang out can be a little more time intensive, but eco-friendly, money saving and fun.  Let me know how it goes…

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a mixed bag of green news


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