I was recently gazing at some photos in the family room at Hacienda Seamus pondering how it would be to cohabitate with a  feline like the revered and legendary, Mango, my predecessor as head of household.  When I saw this cool looking Sweet Lounge at Olive GD with a feline model very much like the Mangster (even down to his feisty gaze) seamwtoylksup_1_1_1.JPGI thought I’d reach out to all those cats out there as a symbol of pet solidarity. The Lounge is made of 33% recycled content cardboard sandwiched between hard-board end panels made of compressed secondary wood product. The cardboard scratching area gets softer as it’s scratched, transforming itself into a softer more comfy bed over time while also, theoretically, saving your sofa.  Cheers, kitties.

$150 @ olivegreendog