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ryan frank unveils strawboard stacking stool

Designer Ryan Frank’s latest creation, ‘Isabella’ will be introduced at the London Design Festival this September. ‘Isabella,’ a totem pole style stacking stool, is constructed of straw and wool, and draws inspiration from traditional hand carved African seating.


In an effort to avoid the use of exotic hard woods, the stools are made from a solid section of strawboard, a sustainable, formaldehyde-free material made entirely from compressed straw. The straw profile is wrapped in 100% felted wool, creating a comfortable, tactile product, and also allowing for a broad range of earthy colors. The stools can be stacked on top of each other to conserve space when not in use creating a cool, sculptural, totem pole structure for all you tribal types out there.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

5 signs you’re addicted to fossil fuels


  1. Your car is such a pig that when you fill-up at the pump the gas prices go up two cents…
  2. The ‘product’ in your hairdo contains enough oil-based compounds to run a ride lawnmower for 45 minutes…
  3. T. Boone Pickens  knows the size of your carbon footprint…
  4. Your collection of miniature Hess Oil Trucks needs its own room…
  5. You have a ‘real-time’ oil price ticker scrolling across  the bottom of you laptop screen as you read this…
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Begoodesigns – recycled leather sandals


There’s just enough beach time left on this summer’s calendar to justify a new pair of eco-friendly sandals, especially a beautifully designed pair such as these.  This classic style will flip flop with you for many nice weather seasons to come.

Begoodesigns’ Recycled Leather Petals are handmade from recycled leather and they’ll run you $74 @

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Velvet Leaf – eco chic hoodie and shorts

Perfect for late summer, or early fall days and nights at the beach. Wish I were walking on the sands of Montauk right now. Such beauty.


In yummy 100% ECO SKAL organic cotton, the Edie Hoodie from Velvet Leaf – in charcoal, jet black or olive; love the kangaroo pocket. ($144)  For summer, we’ve got your bottom covered in organic cotton as well, Piper Shorts @ $120.

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a mixed bag of green news


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