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nugaard designs – perennial eco style

Accessorize with these unique, handmade pieces of nature-based jewelry from —  classic creations to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


The CAMPO collection (L), are made from grasses found in Brazil, the designer’s homeland.  The seeds of the Brazilian Jatoba tree form the basis of their Elemento collection.  And the Flora collection (R), are made with real leaves from exotic tress also found in Brazil.  For every Flora piece sold, Nugaard ensures that a tree will be planted somewhere in the world by “Trees for the Future.”  find these beauties @

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green Office – green gear for the school year

Like it or not, it’s Back to School Time, and preparing for school can be a hairy time.  Now you can keep things simple, eco-smart and cost-effective by purchasing green school supplies online.


Just in time for gearing up, The Green Office is partnered with Green School News and introducing Green Back to School Kits for both kids and teachers.

Check this out — Every item in each kit is made with recycled material or is biodegradable, compostable, reusable, green-certified or has reduced chemical content.  You can also receive free, next-day carbon-neutral shipping with purchases of $49 or more.  (Hey, if you don’t make the minimum, ask a friend or relative to place an order with you.)


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etsy – the convertible sandwich wrap

When bringing your own, do it in a practical and stylish way; here’s a cute, home-made, reusable sandwich wrap that unfolds into a nifty placemat.


Turn a few heads, and get the eco conversation going to promote not having to use disposable plastic for that sandwich on-the-go. Handmade in the USA, $7.50 @

UPDATE:  June 27, 2009 — It’s almost been a year since the above was posted, and alas, the link above is now kaput.

However, a quick search on etsy revealed some nice designs from GreenTimeCreations.  I like them because their reusable sandwich wraps have cloth on the outside and a PVC-free lining (so no nasty plastic toxins come into contact with your food).  find @ GreenTime Creations.

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a mixed bag of green news


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