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Great Green Giveaway WINNERS


This week’s Great Green Giveaway has officially drawn to a close, and here are our lucky winners!


Compliments of 21st Century Goods, Kirsten Kimball will receive a Solar Beam I.   Anglea Jacobs and Pat Nieh will each receive a Solar Beam III.

Thanks to everyone for entering. Our next Great Green Giveaway begins on Friday, so grab our RSS to receive our announcement.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

hempGarden Bath Oil – naughty indulgence

The high priest of hempGarden generously slipped me a bath oil treatment so I just had to do something I haven’t done in ages — I ran a bath.  As we know, showers generally consume less water than a bath, and I take water conservation to heart.  So to help relieve the guilt, I had an extra dose of yoga in the afternoon and decided to take the plunge in the interest of rewarding my weary bones.  All those pesky worries went down the drain.


I poured about a capful of Sensual Bath Oil into the tub and soaked for a good 20 minutes.  (more) (more…)

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