It’s embarrassing, but even an independent, macho individual like myself sometimes has to be conveyed through a public place in a pet carrier.  Since status in the pack is often determined by the quality of one’s accessories I suggest going with the coolest looking pet carrier you can afford.  The classy, designer carrier pictured below is made primarily of vintage, repurposed fabrics and features a wire mesh for air circulation and pet visibility, and a removable padded insert that can be washed if an accident happens.


seamcuovrhd_1_1.JPGSpeaking of being conveyed…what’s with all those 6 year-old kids you see being wheeled around in baby strollers by their stressed-out moms like they’ve lost the use of their leg?…I’m just asking.

fits up to a 12lb dog or cat – $198 @ (Update: link removed)